President's Corner

by David O'Carroll


May 2018

We want to start off by thanking all of you who attended our March meeting, a special thanks to NSPII for hosting the joint fire training at JC Restoration. The presentation was well received which discussed property and auto investigations, origin & cause, arson, scene investigation.

We are excited to host our 25th Year Anniversary of Illinois IASIU Seminar on Thursday May 10, 2018. We have four excellent speakers lined up to discuss various fraud related topics. First, we will have investigator Adam Brohous from the Illinois Secretary of State Police Title who will discuss fraud related to liens, salvage, junk and how it all relates to auto theft. This will be followed by Ryan Ferrelra, MSC, CCE who will discuss Using Cell Phone and Computer Forensics to Fight Fraud. Our third speaker is Lawrence Humberstone, D.C., DABCC who will discuss fighting against Provider Fraud. Last but not least, investigator Jim Duggan who is with Coty Inc. an international fragrance and cosmetics manufacturer and distributor. His responsibilities include worldwide Risk Management, Security plus Brand Protection for the Americas. He will discuss “Real or Fake”, Counterfeiting & the Insurance Industry.

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As always, we hope that you are able to bring back much good information from this presentation and will be able to tell those who are not able to attend what new information is being passed on regarding our daily battle against insurance fraud.

This is YOUR Chapter and you have a dynamite Board serving you. I know that you all will continue to support the Chapter as we move ahead in the coming years and continue to grow and serve our members.  Thanks to all of you for all that you have done and will continue to do..

The Board asks that if you would like to recommend a training topic/speaker, please make your thoughts known to Ron Gottardo, who is our Training Chair for the Chapter. His e-mail is Ron.Gottardo.ba8k@State  It is with such suggestions in the past that our training has stayed on the mark for what the membership needs to be exposed to. The presentation is scheduled from 9 A.M. to 11 A.M.  Networking and coffee will begin at 8:30 A.M.

As a reminder, please mark your calendars for the meeting dates shown on the website so you are sure not to miss a meeting. Keep in mind that our bi-monthly meetings are held in January, March and November on the third Friday of the month, that the Annual Seminar is in May and the September Networking meeting is held at the Bloomingdale Golf Course.  The Board hopes to see all of our members at the meetings.

Thanks to ALL who make this Chapter the success that it has been and for your support as we go forward. It is YOUR involvement that makes this Chapter what it is.

As always,
David O’Carroll

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